Calorifer Engineering AG assumed the heat exchangers, heat recovery systems and pressure vessels portfolio of Calorifer AG (founded 1951) and continue offering very similar services and products.

Former Calorifer AG key personnel with 180 years aggregate Company experience will provide equivalent thermal and mechanical engineering, project management, construction supervision as well as quality assurance.

Following information is available to Calorifer Engineering AG for their future activities:

  • Complete customer base
  • Heat exchanger product portfolio
  • various design programs (for thermal design, stress analysis and fluid property databases)
  • Measurement results of all heat exchanger performance tests issued at the University of Lucerne
  • archive of all project related and technical documents of heat exchangers and other related equipment supplied in the past 50 years
  • Electronic CAD drawings
  • archived ERP system
  • Patents, brand names and logos

The complete production facility (personnel and equipment) of Calorifer Heat Transfer (Jiangsu) Ltd – China has also been taken over. This production facility in Nantong with 5,500 m2 of production area and state of the art equipment will be fully available to clients under the lead of Calorifer Engineering AG.

We aim to provide customers with our core competencies which lie in the thermal and mechanical design of heat exchangers, engineering of pressure equipment as well as decades of manufacturing experience in these fields. All equipment is now built in our Nantong works or by certified affiliates and partner companies in Switzerland or abroad. Project execution is accompanied and supervised by experienced project managers and former workshop managers. We will gladly assist you already at the planning phase of new equipment and systems and if you finally entrust us with the planning and execution of your heat exchangers we will stand for careful and timely execution.

Our offices are in Seuzach, located approximately 20 km north of Zürich, and can be easily reached by car or public transport.

Calorifer Engineering AG