In order to decrease operating costs and other losses

Contaminated gases can cause deposits to form on the tubes in the heat exchanger. These will reduce the thermal output and increase the pressure loss – and your operating costs will increase.


Heat exchangers with plain tubes are suitable for contaminated gases. Heated or cooled gases flow around the tubes. The heating or cooling medium in the tubes may be gas, steam or liquid. Straight or U-tubes are used depending on the medium. By selecting the size, arrangement and distribution of the tubes, the heat exchanger can be optimally matched to the customer’s requirements. The heat exchanger can be welded to form one unit with the intake and output cones.

Stress problems are solved

The gas flows around the tubes. The other medium flows through the tubes along one or more passes. The movable tube base or the U-tubes will prevent stresses from building up because there is insufficient space for expansion.

A wide range of applications

In refuse incineration plants, the combustion air containing dust is drawn out of the refuse bunker and heated with steam or water. In process engineering plants, the gas is heated with steam or liquid, and cooled with liquids. In the environmental sector, fresh air is heated with outgoing air.


Calorifer Engineering manufactures these plain tube heat exchangers from the following materials: C-steel, austenitic steel, duplex steel, full austenitic steel such as 1.4539, and Hastelloy.

Standard design or an individual solution

The standard design is intended for tube-side pressures of up to about 80 bar and shell-side gas pressures of up to about 1 bar overpressure. If shell-side gas pressures are higher, another design may be more cost-effective. Our experienced sales engineers will always find the best solution for each customer in terms of technology and cost-effectiveness.