For safety reasons, oil coolers are also available with double tubes

We are partners of the power generation, energy supplying and distributing companies, as well as compressor and chemical industries, and for applications in the environmental sectors. Solutions for heat transfer with oil are regularly required in these fields.

Our large range of products and product variations offers solutions for air- and water-cooled applications. The range comprises all the usual heat exchanger concepts with smooth and finned tubes and with double-tube technology. Finding solutions for your specific needs is one of our strengths.

Safety double-tube oil/water cooler

The tube bundle consists of doublewalled bundle tubes and double tube sheets with leakage collection space. Should a leak occur, the respective medium will collect in this leakage collection space via the small channels integrated in the outer tube. This will then trigger a control/alarm message. No sealing liquid is required for monitoring. In such a situation the cooler operation can still continue because there is an intact second wall between the two media. A replacement bundle can be installed at a later date during a planned maintenance phase.

Water-cooled oil coolers:

Areas of application

All situations where no cooling air is available (e.g. underground) or where it is intended to recover heat via heat recovery units.

  • (re-) cooling of lubrication oils, transformer oil

Product characteristics

  • single-wall tube bundle heat exchangers
  • safety double-tube heat exchangers with double tube plates and leakage control
  • choice of materials for the core tubes available

Air-cooled oil coolers:

Area of application

  • cooling transformer oil

Product characteristics

  • oil side: chamber construction, welded fixed or with removable covers
  • hot-galvanised, high-performance oval finned tubes with different fin pitches
  • round finned tube systems:
    – wound
    – induction soldered
    – extruded
  • compact fin tubes for economical compact cooling systems
  • plain round or oval tubes for special applications (e.g. heavily contaminated cooling air)