We do not transfer only heat and cold but also our know how!

Our customers are from the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

A team of qualified engineers provides comprehensive advice on questions of heat and mass transfer – from the solution concept to commissioning of components and systems. As an innovative company we solve thermal and mechanical design problems for you with vast experience and modern software.

You have to deal with a large variety of media:

  • water
  • ultrapure water
  • solvents
  • acids
  • brine
  • oils
  • culture media
  • blood
  • serum

In addition to the cooling and heating we also proficient with evaporation, separation and condensation.

We deliver heat exchangers and systems as:

  • transformers
  • condensers
  • evaporators
  • falling film and circular evaporators
  • sterile heat exchanger (FDA-compliant)
  • clean steam generators
  • high-pressure heat exchangers
  • exhaust gas coolers
  • systems for solvent recovery
  • columns with or without inserts