Compression is our challenge!

Industrial processes such as air separation, gas condensation, production of chemical and metallic raw materials require compressor systems. Air and process gases are compressed in several stages to high pressures and for reasons of economy and to avoid high temperatures the gases are intercooled.

Also gas heaters are required, for example during air separation. Large moisture adsorbers for air drying have to be regenerated. This is done with the help of steam-heated regeneration gas heaters. Calorifer coolers and heaters are characterized by high reliability and efficiency.

Such heat exchangers are suitable for:

  • cooling
  • drying and
  • heating of gaseous media

Media can be:

  • air
  • process gases
  • natural gas or
  • regeneration gases

We deliver the following custom tailored systems:

Water-cooled process gas cooler:

  • finned tubes
  • plate fins
  • plain tubes
  • gas flow around or through the tubes
  • integrated droplet separation

Heaters with:

  • finned tubes
  • safety standards to prevent leaks
  • heating through condensing steam and condensate subcooling

You expect economical designs, high availability, and low life-cycle costs. The systems from Calorifer Engineering are optimized, produced properly on time exactly for this purpose.