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In the energy supplying and environmental technology you are looking for solutions for:

  • cooling
  • condensing
  • heating
  • evaporation

… and dealing with media such as:

  • water
  • oils
  • gases
  • steam
  • sewage sludge

Or you are facing problems like:

  • high pressures
  • corrosive substances or
  • extreme temperatures

Calorifer Engineering helps you constantly.

We offer economical and technically sophisticated solutions for such applications. Talk to us. Our engineers will assist you during collection and analysis of operational data and they will provide you with an optimized offer. With our wide product program and our wide experience we can serve you competently and particularly in terms of:

Shell and tube bundle heat exchangers according to DIN or TEMA

  • straight tubes
  • U-tubes
  • permanently installed bundles (with or without shell side compensator)
  • retractable bundle (gliding tube sheet, floating head)

Heat-condensations systems and converter

  • with or without subcooling

Flue gas condenser with steam output or economizer

Gas and air preheater

  • with plain tubes
  • with finned tubes

Vent condensation

  • air-cooled systems
  • water-cooled systems

Water-cooled oil cooler

  • single tube coolers
  • safety double tube coolers

Air-cooled oil cooler and generator

  • high performance oval finned tube system with hot-dip galvanized steel fins
  • compact system with finned tubes and aluminium or copper fins
  • spiral fin tubes

Air-cooled cooler

  • dry systems
  • systems with pre-wetting

High pressure heat exchangers

Double tube cooler for sewage sludge drying

Revisions and retrofits

  • thermal design verification of existing equipment
  • replacement of complete equipment
  • replacement of individual components (chambers, heads, bundles, tubes, etc.)

Plate heat exchanger

Heat recovery systems

  • water heating from moist exhaust air
  • preheating of air from moist exhaust air
  • plain tube system
  • finned tube systems
  • cubical design for large volumes of air with high humidity and high contamination risk